Learn to be your own CFO in a full or half-day session.


About Intensives

These 1:1 intensive sessions are completely tailored to you and your specific business. The point is to move you from a place where you’re not sure what steps to take when it comes to your finances to a place where you can confidently and independently manage your money and make important decisions as a result – without the little voice in the back of your head whispering you’re probably doing this wrong


How it works



  • Depending on how many questions you have, or how much you'd like us to go through together, you can opt for a half or full-day session.
  • Sessions are held virtually over Zoom Video chat or in-person.
  • I'm in Albany, NY, but you're welcome to come from anywhere!



  • We’ll create a list of your financial pain points, struggles, grey areas, and questions
  • We'll work through them one by one, ensuring you’re 100% clear and comfortable before moving on
  • If there are any points left over after the session, we’ll create an action plan for them so you don’t leave with any confusion over what to do next



  • You don’t know what you don’t know – but that shouldn’t paralyze you from making moves in your business. This session will educate you on any financial areas that are holding you back from max CFO-confidence levels, and I promise it won’t be a snooze-fest.
  • Numbers are my thing, but that doesn’t make me allergic to laughter. So whether it’s to do with revenue goals, taxes, Profit First implementation, accounting software, bookkeeping, or a mixture of everything, I’ve got the answers you need to go make those moves and I’ll make it an enjoyable experience.

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