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Let’s get your books in order so you can pay yourself more.


First of all

However messy you think they are, I promise your books aren’t the worst I’ve seen. As much as your heart sinks thinking about the “mess,” don’t spend another second worrying about it! You’ve got approximately 253 other things you should be doing instead.

With Assess the Mess, we’ll get your books in order ASAP.

How it works



  • Purchase Assess The Mess using the link at the end of this page
  • After purchase, you’ll receive an email with super simple instructions on getting started
  • You’ll grant me access to your bookkeeping software (ie. Quickbooks, Xero, Wave)



  • You go about your business while I dig in and do a full assessment of your books 
  • Within a week, I’ll send you a link to schedule a one-hour review call to go through my findings with you.
  • On the call, I’ll guide you through a presentation that breaks your financials down into categories: green for things that are going well, yellow for items that aren’t Defcon 1 urgent but that you will need to address sooner rather than later, and red for items that need fixing, like, now – and yes, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it.



  • After the call, I’ll send you the presentation along with short accompanying videos to show you exactly how to make the changes the assessment has flagged up and tips on how to improve your bookkeeping system.
  • Need follow-up support, or a financial partner to implement things for you? We can chat about that, too.

Get Started

Once you have an accurate handle on your finances and how to manage them (without wondering whether you’re “doing it right”), you can use that knowledge to decide when it’s the right time to hire staff, outsource functions of your business, and make those scaling plans actually happen.

It all starts with Assess The Mess.

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